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Presbyterian Church Of Ghana Constitution Pdf




Bishops; canons and other members who have obtained by election the right of co-operation in the administration of the church, but as every man and every family possess the means of their salvation, from God we obtain, by faith, that 'by one man's disobedience many were made sinners'. (See 2 Pet. 2:20.) Having thus formed our ecclesiastical constitution, the only things which we need to be seriously thinking of, are the means by which the ordinances of God are to be made effectual to our salvation. The only effectual means of salvation are the 'two ordinances of God, namely, the Word and the Sacraments. Let our ecclesiastical organization be the work of Divine Providence; and, whatever changes may take place in the government of the church, let us not be forgetful of the great privilege of salvation, which is in the hands of God, and which, as we know, will never fail us. As to the future destiny of the Church of Scotland, it is sufficient to say that our faith in God has always been unshaken, our confidence in the power of the gospel undiminished. It is to be hoped, and indeed it is certain, that God will continue to carry on His work in His own way. He will be observed by those who seek His face, and they will live to rejoice over the day when He shall appear. Robert Murray McCheyne was born in Blairfauld Parish, Lanarkshire, in 1763. He received his education in the "mairi" of his parish church, being a pupil of Mr. McAdam and Mr. Aitken. Later, having taken an active part in the formation of Presbyterian congregations in England and Ireland, and having settled himself in Edinburgh, he joined the Church of Scotland, and eventually became its first Foreign Mission Secretary. He was ordained a minister of the Church in 1796, and after a long and laborious career of missionary work and ecclesiastical administration, he died at his house in Lanark on the 27th of January 1843. THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND, its history and constitution. It is the undoubted privilege of all churches to settle their internal constitutions, and to settle them without any




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Presbyterian Church Of Ghana Constitution Pdf

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